Your doctor. Very close to you.

Consultation with doctor over the phone or online. Connect through your PC, tablet or mobile phone and you will get answers to your health related questions – right now! 

For phone consultations you can dial – 0886 176 676*

*In order to make phone or written consultation with duty doctor you need to be registered user in Webadvisor and to have at least 12 credits in your profile.

Speak to a doctor, whenever you need an advice

We offer you convenience

There are moments when you need to speak to a doctor. With the new technologies you can do that over the phone or online anytime, anywhere – regardless of whether it is 3 AM or you are far from your doctor. In Webadvisor you can make phone, video or written consultation with a medical specialist over: 

  • PC or laptop
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

Create your profile in Webadvisor and speak live with a doctor over the phone, video or send your written request. 

everything is so easy

How to make consultation in Webadvisor?

  • You just need  to sign up and to buy at least 12 credits 
  • Then you dial 0886 176 676 for phone consultation with duty doctor or send your written request to a duty doctor or a doctor of your choice 
  • Our doctors will provide you with the right advice according to your health condition and will guide you regarding the need for exam, diagnostics and possibilities for treatment  
You deserve quality medical health

Why to choose Webadvisor?

Nowadays you need to be able to obtain high quality medical service anytime anywhere.
Our team of medical doctors will be with you all the time everywhere – thanks to the newest technologies we are always with you, with the best medical advice, whenever is convenient for you.


Our Doctors